Fisiologia do Sono

Fernandes GL, Araujo P, Tufik S, Andersen ML

The role of IL-6 and STAT in sleep and neuroinflammation (Letter to the Editor)

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Subchronical treatment with Fluoxetine modifies the activity of the MCHergic and hypocretinergic systems. Evidences from peptide CSF concentration and gene expression

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Sleep pattern in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2: report of family case series

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Letter to the editor: Cerebro-renal interactions and cognitive function: The important role of sleep

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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene polymorphism predicts interindividual variation in the sleep electroencephalogram

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Interconnectivity of sympathetic and sleep networks is mediated through reduction of gamma aminobutyric acidergic inhibition in the paraventricular nucleus

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Relationships between sleep and addiction: the role of drug-environment conditioning

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Temporal sleep patterns in adults using actigraph

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Sleep tight, wake up bright

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Association between body mass index and sleep duration assessed by objective methods in a representative sample of the adult population

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